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Just the Goods and no Fluff

About Us. 

April's Famous Bakes is an award-winning dessert company. Specializing in small batch by hand baked goods that are reminiscent of April's Southern and Hispanic heritage. Over the years' our famous Cakes, Cookies and Bars have been a staple at many family breakfasts, dinners and special occasions. 

What's our secret? We don't have one. We use quality ingredients that you can taste in the first bite. We pride our selves on balanced desserts that are not overly sweet, If it's not good enough for us we don't serve it. We are a mostly scratch company making our signatures from scratch. We shy away from the use of convenience fillings and doughs. 

April's Famous Bakes is perfect for all your catering needs, our attention to detail and balanced true to memory flavors sets us apart from others.



About April

April's footprint in the Culinary scene includes innovation through her Culinary Hub,  and Restaurant, but her ultimate passion is in baking.

April says “Give them the Goods and no Fluff.” Her mantra that has worked in producing the BEST desserts.

April is a Pastry Art's Culinary Graduate that has been baking for over 10 years in different capacities from plated desserts, banquet style, weddings and more. Her style is best described as Southern Comfort intertwined with her Hispanic Roots. April's Famous Bakes have landed her mentions and awards from various platforms such as Food Network, Detroit Free Press, Patch, Detroit News, Oakland Press and more...


Pontiac restaurateur pursues passion for pastries with new treat-house.

Oakland Press


Oakland Community Culinary Grad Wins 'Cupcake Wars'

Patch-West Bloomfield

Pontiac Bakery wins 'Cupcake Wars'

C&G Newspaper

Celebrating Women's History Month: April Forbes

Oakland Press

Local couple winners of Food Network's "Cupcake Wars"

Oakland Press

"Cupcake Wars" winners plan May opening of Culinary Hub.

Oakland Press

Pontiac's Menagerie Lounge artisitc eatery plans April opening.

Oakland Press

Cajun Night at The Menagerie Kitchen

Fox 2 News- Video

Pumpkin Flan by April Forbes Prior to Judging the Village Pumpkin Baking Contest.

Fox 2 News -Video

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